Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Suggestions are appreciated.

As I'm looking into more blogs from Ryan Home Owners, there are still lot of mixed reviews. I understand things can go wrong with any builder and I can't change anything now.... but I'd like to know things I should be looking out for. Please suggest things from your experience that went wrong or were fixed when only when asked etc....

Also many bloggers have said that, it depends where you are building.... I did not find anybody who mentioned there location in their posts, but if anybody building around Nashville TN is looking at this, please respond and share your experiences.



  1. I cannot speak to Ryan Homes in Nashville. Our experience in Virginia has been great so far. There are some bloggers that I follow and who follow my site that have had many issues. The major issue that I see occurring right now is turnover of key people such as PMs. We lost our original SR because he moved up to regional manager or something. We also have lost our loan processor at the end of the project.

    The other issues that I have seen happen when you do not keep track of everything. Visit your site a ton! Let them know that you are visiting and that you take pictures, blog, everything. This may help them to be at the top of their game.

    The other issues come from working with NVR. Almost every blogger finds some issues here. I am not sure if you are using NVR or not, but there can be a lack of communication about rates and deadlines. We have some of this, but it has been tolerable.

    We have not had much to complain about. Our PM is great. Our new and old SRs are wonderful. Our LO is good as well. There is no big red flags...knock on wood.

  2. Oh great! That's good info, thanks...we'll try to watch out anything like that...Our SR said that the PM we will be working with, is new to the Ryan homes team (not sure if he is new to the company or just this market...) So I don't know how we feel about that.....My hubby is very particular about finance and stuff, he keeps on top of communication with NVR, paperwork and things like that...I'm sure after reading your comment he will watch things even more carefully.

    I did not find any blogs from Nashville...it would have been good to learn how they are doing here, but no worries you guys are helping so much already.... :-)

    The pics you posted on your blogs are so cool, very exciting, I cant wait for us to get there... I need some walls too!! :-)