Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I'm back!!!

Its been a little over 2 weeks since we moved into our new house. Its really just 1 week since we started living, because the first week we just slept here and kept moving out of the apartment (yes, it took us all week long)! I had promised not to disappear but I did.....sorry about that! But there is so much to do in the whole moving process, it's so overwhelming and stressful to say the least.

Some of you may agree with me that packing and moving wasn't the hardest part. The hard part is what comes after that....unpacking, setting up the new house and getting use to it. There is so much going on that I had a hard time focusing on one area, to prioritize, to take it easy, to slow down. I mean its fun....I love my house and everything, but its not easy by any means.

Thanks to my husband and my 'always-ready-to-help' friends, I'm now able to sit back and relax a little bit. NO, we are not anywhere close to done! We just got the kitchen, master bathroom and master bed to functional phase and my husband has convinced me to keep our existing furniture (which is such a misfit in the new living room) for little longer, and tackle things slowly. So we have a couch to sit on, TV to watch football, a bed to sleep and a place to cook and...... there is lots of wine! ;-)

There are still some things to be done, before our house is complete - complete! Yes, things that we found before and during the final walk through, aren't finished yet.
Soon after we closed our PM left for a week long (much deserved) vacation -3 of his projects closed that week. Phew! And we were so caught up in the whole moving process that we were not too worried about things that needed to be done. So we spoke to our PM today morning and we scheduled a meeting for tomorrow morning to go over the list and set up a game plan. My husband made it clear that there needs to be 2 separate phases of fixes..... one is for finishing the initial stuff - completion phase and the other will be the 30-day phase. We don't want to push everything under 30-day list.

So for the first phase we're looking at the following....
1) Filters needs to be changed - we have couple of old filters (still) that make so much noise that we cannot even have a conversation in the living room and No, I'm not exaggerating, it is that loud!
2) Mud room cabinet (bench with hooks) has been missing forever. Our PM had re-ordered it over a month ago and we still don't have it!
3) Carpet installation in the closet by the bonus.
4) Squeaky floors near the ovens.
5) Sloppy job on garage sealant.
6) Missing grout around the tub.
7) Master closet air vent not working.
8) And some blue tape stuff (paint/trim) that had been identified during the walk through. (this may go under 30-day phase)

For the second phase (the 30-day part) I'm already finding so much stuff with trim, paint, caulking, finishes, grout, tile etc....that it is depressing! I mean I understand it pretty minor stuff and very common, but it makes me question the whole quality of the build. Our PM has been pretty cool and I know he'll have these things fixed but still just the sloppiness with which the work has been done is bothersome.


  1. Welcome back! I'm dreading the move for when we close. We have under two weeks until then, but we will probably gradually move small things during the week and the big stuff on Columbus day weekend. Glad you don't have any glaring issues to resolve!

  2. I am right there with you on the hardest part is unpacking and settling! I swear it didn't take me this long to put all this stuff IN the boxes! Lots to do. Fortunately we have started our 30 day list, but not really much major.
    congrats! Happy settling in!