Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It's SOD Day

Our PM had advised us to wait till the weather gets a little cooler to install sod on our front yard. He had asked us last week if we'd like to have in a week (weather permitting) and here it is! The Sod arrived by 6.30-7.00 today morning and by 8.00am it was all up! :-)  Our PM also said they'll leave us a couple of hoses and sprinklers.

We met our PM at the house today morning and went over the list of things that needs to be fixed in round one. He had a list from our walk through and we added few things to it, we went item by item and prioritized things. He said that a bunch of them will be done by Tuesday next week.... and that's when we'll have a 30-day meeting (round 2). Most of the paint and trim issues which are already identified maybe pushed back to be done all at once in the round 2.

We pointed out another issue we are having (which was not identified before), our master closet smells a little damp (like mildew) may be because the vent in the master closet is not fully functional (I guess) or our PM was guessing that the tub motor vent (or whatever that mechanism is) needs to be sealed coming out of the crawl space.... but he said he will have it checked right away. I think that's the only major issue we had so far.

Overall, we are feeling good about how things are coming along with the house. As far as shopping goes.... we've got a TV stand, a foyer table and bath rugs for all bathrooms. That's it!! ;-)
We are gonna have some family and friends visit us this weekend, so that'll take my mind off shopping for a little bit I guess! I'm very much looking forward to spend some quality time with my 21 month old niece. :-) Can't wait!!


  1. Little jealous of your sod! We are having a seeded lawn put in, but since we plan to close sometime in December-January, we will just have dirt until the snow melts! Boo... Good luck continuing settling in and post some pictures soon!

  2. Love your blog - so helpful! We are building a Lincolnshire too - check out our blog

    We'd appreciate any advice you have!