Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Restricted Access

We got a call from our PM last night to discuss few minor things (which I thought weren't even worth a mention on the blog) we found over the weekend when we visited our home to be. We took a couple pics and sent them to our PM to take a look. My husband also mentioned that we ran into the drywall guy, and chatted with him for a little bit. Looked like the dry wall guy did not understand what was going to change in the master bath area (as he had started the dry wall without the framing being changed) and my husband explained it to him. He was like "oh they did tell something about it, but I did not understand"....and we went "WHAT!?!"
Anyway, we mentioned all this exchange to our PM and..... he wasn't happy! He said we shouldn't really be communicating directly with any subcontractors as it may confuse them (in this case, it seemed like he already was) and only delay the process. And if something was incorrect they would come back and correct it as it was their job (even if they have to re-do the whole thing?? wouldn't that be a delay???)

He then talked about the company policy that clients must not visit the construction site without being accompanied by the  PM or SR or any other RH employee. He talked at a length about how dangerous it could be to us and how he could loose his job over this. Liability issues, of course!!
I've read a few of you mention this on your blogs, but in our defense, neither our old PM nor our SR imposed this rule on us. We were only told about no babies on site and coming in when they are working which can affect their progress but nothing about a "Restricted Access". We have been coming and going as we please since May. I guess some PMs are lenient than others, but he insisted on applying this rule immediately!
Looks like we got ourselves kicked out! :-| So it has to be more of a "scheduled" visit from now on (like twice weekly) with either him or our SR or other employees at the model. Oh well, if that's how it's suppose to be......


  1. Oh ok that's different wow I know for us we have 3 kids that we take with us everytime throughout the various stages of construction. I guess its for your protection though.

  2. Bummer....
    But I guess the positive is that if he wants to enforce this rule he is going to have to take the time to go to your home with you... which would give you the opportunity to talk to him about things in person, which is always a positive!!

  3. I think it is frustrating that they don't want you out there on your own, but after having stepped on a nail and it going through my foot, I get why. LOL!

  4. Yeah, I'm not worried about this either! It was just very convenient to go check it out after work. I guess I'll just be troubling them more, because I'm not going stop visiting obviously! ;-)

  5. Not to worry. They all say that. They all give a full disclaimer that you shouldn't be there blah blah blah.. But it sounds like in this case they are only pulling this clause to stop you from finding stuff and complaining about it.

    The collected time we spent in that house can be counted by days.. and we have not closed yet.. Not everything we do we post. As a matter of fact the stuff not posted is the stuff people really wanna hear about, but we have agreed as dear old Shakespeare said in Henry VI, Part 2, Act 1, Scene 2: "Seal up your lips and give no words but mum."

    So yeah.. drive them nuts and request daily visits. Or just show up onsite, who cares.. what are they gonna do?

    1. That's exactly what my husband thinks because nobody objected since May!! I mean I understand security and liability issues but there were things we pointed out then we went there and checked them out right! Anyway, if they wanna come with us, so be it!

  6. Yes we were told that. We went all the time anyways, we just didn't tell him. ;)

  7. Go after hours ;) Once they lock it though it is harder!

  8. They made us sign something that we were aware not to visit the site without supervision. As others have mentioned, it's definitely a liability concern on their end, but there isn't much to stop you from going (especially since there is usually just one PM per community). Just be mindful of this rule if any concerns come up.

    Also, found out from future neighbors already in the community that they wander the construction sites all the time to see what people are building.

  9. I would just let them know when you are stopping by, then there are no surprises. And as I always say if you aren't getting top notch service go higher up until you do. Sorry about the bathroom issue.

  10. Bummer !! We use to go after hours and occasionally we would grab our SR and have him take us just so they would feel satisfied that we were following the rules :)

  11. Same story everywhere. I just got booted out myself last week, you are not alone.