Thursday, August 8, 2013


We met with our PM today morning and discussed few things around the house. He is happy with where they are and so are we.
As the title of this post suggests, we have cabinets!!! We also got first coat of paint (primer) done. They plan to start putting in ceramic tile today- we are talking about master bath, powder room, guest bath, and laundry. So it may take a couple of days and then we will get to the trim. We may also have gas lines laid out by Friday (if it stops raining! Grrrr)

Picture time!
We went for the slightly upgraded basic cabinets, Andover Maple Spice.

Some hardware still waiting to go in
Butlers pantry cabinet
Butlers pantry floor cabinet
Master bath Vanity with counter top
Vanity in 2nd bath waiting to go in

Cabinet in 2nd bath - this doesn't look right for the big counter top!
Trim waiting in garage to get in
So are the doors....
 Of course we found few things here and there, but nothing major...everything fixable.
1) Missing wall cabinet by the ovens in the kitchen
2) Cabinet in the 2nd bath doesn't look right, maybe it has to be switched.
3) Missing power outlet on the kitchen island
4) Missing power outlet on the great room wall by the TV connection

Lot more to do....but we are getting there!


  1. Yes, you are getting there.Progress progress and more progress! I like the cabinets, I settled for something similar. I think I'm getting your same island so let me take a good look at it.

  2. You're at the fun part now! How exciting!

  3. The cabinets are great aren't you all enjoying all the goodies!

  4. The cabinets look really good!! Glad for all the progress. Looks like things are chugging along. :)

  5. It looks great, my parent's have cabinets in that deep honey color and they are really pretty and go with everything. Always remember they will fix all that is wrong, but it is a bummer when things go a bit off.