Thursday, August 15, 2013

NVR Update

When our PM confirmed the possible closing date as Sept 9th, we contacted our NVR LO to talk about the rate lock situation...After some back and forth, our LO confirmed that our rate lock will beroll,eyes
extended to Sept 9th without any charge (I don't know why would they even mention a charge??? It was they who changed PMs on us!!). Anyway, she sent us some paper work to sign.... a rate lock agreement from July, in which we found few things to be incorrect (like origination fee,  sales price etc) and then there was the August extension agreement in which the information was corrected. Also our LO had emailed my husband that even though our rate lock is extended by 3 days, She may have to pull up our credit again as the credit report expires on 6th too and if our scores went down, she would have to give us another rate (Can you hear my eyes rolling.....) Again there was a lot of back n forth between my husband and LO. Our credit scores did go down by a little bit as we shopped around for interest rates and 4 other banks pulled our credit in one month. So we decided that the best thing would be to discuss it in person. We scheduled a meeting for Tuesday 08/13 with our LO.

Meanwhile my husband called our PM just to check on the progress and see if there's any chance of closing on Sept 6th instead of 9th, so that we'll not have to worry about the NVR drama! Thankfully our PM felt confident that we may be able to close on 6th. My husband explained to our PM about how a weekend is going to affect us, and our PM seemed to understand our situation. He called our LO and confirmed that we are good to go on Sept 6th. So Tuesday we met with our LO, pointed the things which were needed to be changed, and signed few documents. I could not hold it, so I vented out to her about how disappointed I was with the whole experience we had with NVR and RH in general and she was sympathetic to us.

Remember during the whole master bath upgrade fiasco, how our sales manager said that we will have to pay for the master bath upgrade out of our pocket at closing as they cannot adjust the loan amount??? Well, we found out on Tuesday that it isn't true...because they did change our loan amount! We mentioned that to our LO and she was like "What?! I don't know why he said that?" Just a classic example of Ryan ways....

Oh well! It wouldn't be an "experience" without a little drama I guess. Best part is, now we are good to go, without any additional credit checks, rates changes etc on Sept 6th...thanks to our PM!


  1. That is awesome news. Everything would be so much easier if they would just get it together. Craziness...Omgosh, Sept 6th is right around the corner, jealous!

    1. I know! I'm so ready!!
      It's just that...looking back at all the process, I feel like they make it harder than it should know.

  2. You are so close, and right behind us. Glad it is working out.

  3. Ahhh you poor things!!! It's so close. How rude of them to give you untrue information. Fingers crossed for a smooth ending.