Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Getting close.... yet so far!

A lot has happened since my last post and there is a lot more to do! Am I getting nervous?! UH....YEAH!!!

Sorry for the delay in the updates. Now, I don't even know where to start...every time I went there was something new. I may miss a few things, but here it goes....
  1. Landscaping is done! They have seeded the front and backyards and they won't be sodding until end of September (saves us some serious water costs)
  2. We have our mail box
  3. They were working on the columns of the portico 
  4. Deck is installed
  5. The light fixtures are installed (inside and outside)
  6. We have counter top!! 
  7. Appliance are in (expect for the ovens)
  8. Fireplace mantle was installed, and so was the surround granite
  9. Flooring is almost done...both hardwood and carpet. They ran out of hardwood, so they had reorder it
  10. And of course, the master bath now has tub!
  11. The faucets and fixtures in all the bathrooms are completed


Can't wait to chill on this deck!

Light Fixture in the Dinning

Dinette area
A peek at the hardwoods

Love this!
Ignore the photographer! And that's our PM behind me, posing with the ovens sitting in the living room!

Not sure if I like this granite selection! But our PM loves it.

What's left???
  1. Complete the exterior portico, accent trim over the dormer and foyer windows and pressure wash everything.
  2. Complete exterior paint
  3. Seal the deck
  4. Install window screens
  5. Finish flooring (hardwood and carpet)
  6. Install ovens
  7. Trim hardwoods around the cabinets and baseboards
  8. Install missing cabinets in kitchen
  9. Change cabinet door in the butlers pantry
  10. Install missing cabinets in the mud room (which has been ordered, but hasn't arrived by the way! :-( )
  11. Finish the fireplace
  12. Install shower door in the master
  13. Access panels in the bonus rooms needs to be installed
  14. Final Paint 
  15. Clean up
And I'm sure there are many more things that I have forgotten about.... Our QI will be this Friday or next Tuesday and our walk thru is on Wednesday. Fingers Crossed!!!


  1. Everything is looking great! Love your color selections inside. Good luck with all that's left until it's yours!

  2. Nice! Nice! You're there already not even almost! I didn't realize you are not getting a morning room. That makes two of us without, how do you like the kitchen and dinette area? Is it spaciuos enough?

    I love your tray ceiling in the master's bedroom, I got the same round type, I think it looks nicer than the other type. My cabinets too will be light like yours, did you say you will have them stained? I'll like to know how that goes, maybe I could so same because my floors will be a lot darker than the cabinets so I'm afraid there could be a mis-match. You gorta glass on the cabinets on the microwave,I was told RH discontinued it as the new requirements prevented them from doing that. Lucky you! Well well well, good luck with everything else!

    1. Thanks!! The morning room was way too expensive and way too much space for the 2 of us.The dinette area looks spacious enough, But I'm a little concerned if it will be too crowded with the dinette. I guess we'll figure out.

      We didn't have another option with tray ceiling design...did you? We wanted darker cabinets, but now it looks just fine with the darker granite. I guess we'll not touch it for a while. But if we decide to stain them, I'll of course share the experience. :-)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Jennifer! Hope everything went well at the closing!

  4. Wow 9 days congrats on everything your home is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Nadine. With everyday, I'm getting nervous because there is still so much to be done!

  5. Looks fantastic! I love your hardwood floor color, the cooktop, the elevation...and well, everything else, ha ha.
    What color are your walls? We got to pick from about 2 shades of off-white, lol. I can't wait to put something else on the walls.
    Good luck with closing!

    1. Thanks Kristy.

      Our paint color is "pavilion beige". I know I hate the limited options, you would think they'd have more options at least when it come to paint. Oh well!

  6. Your home looks great. I can't believe you are about to close. I was amazed at what they can do in a week, so you should be fine. Enjoy your new home and can't wait to see it decorated.