Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Don't walk in our Garage! :D

Yup, we have a garage..... well, just the floor, but still! ;-)

We got an update from our PM yesterday, our garage concrete is poured, our crawl space will be inspected today and if everything goes well, they may start framing tomorrow..... Can't wait to see it rise!

So we checked it out yesterday evening.....

Its a two car garage but somehow everything looks small! :-(  I don't know how they are gonna fit our house....

The only thing that doesn't look small is our backyard! My husband and I walked to the back end of our lot, and god knows how we (by we I mean my husband) are gonna maintain that! :-|

We also met with one of our neighbors yesterday.... another advantage of stalking! Very sweet family, they were very friendly to us. They seemed impressed by Ryan Homes and the speed with which the neighborhood was growing.... 46 houses and counting!!! :-)


  1. It looks bigger with the next two lots vacant!!
    But yeah, its .5 acres lot, more deep than wide...so we'll have to figure out something to make it a little busy!

  2. Our two-car garage looked TINY until they framed it. And it still looks small, but we measured, and it's a two-car for sure. Not necessarily a two-SUV or two-truck garage, but two cars, no problem! Lovely lot, BTW. Looks great!

  3. I saw a foundation poured in our neighborhood and it looked TINY so I texted the SR to ask what it was, and it was a Rome! I guess they all look small when it's just a slab but it really does all fit!