Monday, May 6, 2013

Pre Construction Meeting Checklist

So its raining continuously here and there are tons of cement blocks sitting on our lot, all drenched in rain! :-(
I know they'll take care of it, its too early in the process and they account for bad weather etc etc etc... but still I feel restless!!! :-|

Anyway, our much awaited pre-con meeting day is here! (hopefully they wont cancel on us)....So I have been preparing a list of things to be verified during our Pre Construction Meeting based on several lists I referred from other RH blogs and then I added some things specific to our selection/plan etc....It's a lengthy list and we might already have some answers but hey! it's always better to check twice.... Right?!

 General Questions for the PM: 
  • Estimated timeline/milestones, exact Closing date.
  • What inspections will happen at each stage? 
  • Can we visit the site? Do we need permission from PM?
  • What is the best way to reach the PM if I have questions? 
  • Can we bring in our own home inspector? Procedure....

Verification Checklist: (Things we already selected with Ryan Homes SR or other vendors- Rite Rug / Interactive Systems etc) 
  • Selected Upgrades and Options (things for which we are charged extra)
  • Interactive Selections (Cable/Ethernet)
  • Design Center Selections
  • Lights package, placement / Fan rough-ins
Home related checklist by area:
Common Areas:
  • Smooth or rough ceilings? 
  • Power Outlet location for each room (specifically - kitchen, bathroom vanities, garage, deck and TV location)
  • Switches for lights and fireplace
  • Check window size and location in each room. 
  • Door Handles - Which rooms get locks?
  • Will all windows have screen?
  • Cost for extra insulation
  • Future possibilities for 3rd full bath (plumbing rough-ins)
  • Is there a Stone option? We see few other houses that have stone!
  • Are there going to be any steps towards the front door? 

  • Are there any cupboards over the fridge
  • Is it safe to delete granite "lip" altogether because we plan on doing a tile back splash later...
  • Are there any power outlets for the island?
  • Appliances model number
  • Size of the fridge that'll fit the design of the kitchen
  • Is there going to be a rough-in for ice maker (for the fridge)?
  •  Placement of dryer vent (high)
  • Are there going to be any shelves in closets?
  • Are the Vanities raised in Master bathroom?
  • Type of jetted tub (verify size and color)
  • Under mount sinks, check color.
  • Ensure there are vent fans and required power outlets!!
Bonus Room:
  • Check Dormer size, Attic access location.
  • Are there any steps to enter the Bonus room? 
  • Garage Opener wiring?
  • Will the garage be sheet-rocked?
  • Drainpipe in the garage?
  • Will there be a deadbolt in the door to the garage?
  • Can we extend the driveway/get more concrete poured?
  • Make sure there are power outlets in the garage.
  • Deck Location
  • Gas line (to deck) location 
  • What outdoor lights are standard? Can you upgrade the lights or add more? (We have to have a light below the portico at front door)
  • Where are the hose bibs located?
  • Grass in the backyard (we assumed there would be grass around the house, apparently saw some house with no grass in the backyard)
  • Make sure there are gutter around the house
  • Location of the sump pump etc


  1. Whooo Hoooo! Let the excitement begin! Can't wait to hear how it all went down. :)

  2. Hi S and P!!

    I just found your BLOG!!
    Welcome Welcome Welcome to the RH Blog Land! Where you experience an amazing journey with blogging about your new dream home and learning from other bloggers.

    We built a Rome in Maryland and we LOVE it!! Feel free to join our blog so that we can follow your journey.

    Your pre construction checklist is AWESOME!! DON'T FORGET TO EAT BEFORE YOUR MEETING!! :-)


    1. :-) Thanks alot! And Congrats on your new home!!

      I had no idea about this whole blogging community... There is so much info out there, it feels good to be a part of it.

      I'm sure I'll be visit your blog a lot of answers, ideas and what not! :-)

  3. Thanks for posting this list. We have our meeting on Monday and we are looking for stuff just like this. We will be using this!

    1. :-) Sure!! I found all this info from fellow bloggers!!
      All the best for Monday.

  4. Thanks a lot for this checklist and it seems to be really very helpful when anyone is finalizing its home building contract.