Wednesday, May 29, 2013

More wood....

So stopped by the site again.... Saw a lot more wood!

Some how everything looked tiny, except for the formal dinning, which we are not very crazy abt....

So here it goes, more pictures.....

Entrance..... I hate that its gonna be a small, skinny door!
View from Garage.... mud room, laundry, pantry, kitchen all framed in......

other view from garage... dinning, foyer etc....

the weird triangular mud room
laundry area

window over the kitchen sink

Cut out for fireplace

The shower made it in.... finally

Hope they are following this....

Space for stairs


  1. exciting! it all looks small until they get some walls in I'm sure!

    1. But its really really small!!!:-|

  2. Looks great! And it might seem smaller now but once we got drywall I could finally see the space.

    1. I hope so too... I was a little disappointed by the size...

  3. Thanks all! :-) It is pretty exciting for sure!!
    I don't know why, but a part of me keeps waiting for something that's gonna go wrong! I'm trying to push away such thoughts and enjoy the moment. Thanks to the blogging family :-)

  4. Looks great! Excited to follow your journey. I took my blog private for the time being but it should be public once I close in a few weeks.