Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wood with window holes ;-)

Very excited to check out the framing after 3 days, we stopped by our lot yesterday. It wasn't as much progress as I thought it would be. Looks like they did not work the whole weekend after all...But its good to see that it started!

Here are some pictures.... we could almost figure out where everything would go... :-)

 So this is the front of the house.... with holes for the door, dinning room window on the left and couple of windows for the study on the right.....

Study from inside!

Dinning from inside....

 Hubby trying to figure out how our jacuzzi tub will fit in the master bath

Our potential master bedroom!

The view of our future kitchen and there will be a mud room and laundry by the garage ;-)

Pics of our shower for master (up) and the tiny shower tub for guest bath (down), which have been lying around on our lot forever.....waiting to find they way in!

This is the tiniest tub ever.....

Can't wait to check out the progress today evening..... :-) More pics to follow...


  1. Cool! You got to walk on yours :) We haven't gotten to do that. I am so nervous without people there. HA

    1. You should definitely try it! Its fun!!

  2. How exciting!! Looks great so far!!

  3. very nice and wow they got alot of work done!

  4. so far so good ! it will be standing before you know it !

  5. I noticed the floor systems take them much longer than the wall panels. I watched them put up our first floor walls and interior partition walls in 2 hours. Then the next day the same thing. It took them all day each day to build the floors and then they really knocked out the walls. The roof trusses and sheathing was just over a day too...lots of cutting and fitting like the floors.

    Looks great so far, congrats.