Monday, June 17, 2013

A good news and a bad news....

Ok so good news first..... The crews seems to be multitasking, There has been a lot of progress...

The roof is almost done, so are the electric, plumbing and HVAC rough-ins! And we got our brick! Woohooo!!! The brick seem to be a little darker than the sample, but our SR told that's how it feels now but once they install it with the grout and wash it, it should look just right. So I guess, we'll have to wait and see....

We also have a stair case. I know, lot of good stuff....right! We now have access to the second floor, which I wasn't too concerned about to begin with, but turns out....I love it! I love our Bonus room, dormer in the bonus and other bedrooms. We also have all the windows, doors in the kitchen for the backyard and from the garage. Here are some pictures....

Shingle on the hat and brick delivered!!

Windows are installed

Color of the brick
Recessed lighting in the kitchen

duct work
Door leading to the deck and fireplace. Couldn't get a good pic as it was kinda getting dark!


Garage door

Plumbing rough-ins

And now come the bad news..... We hate our Master Bath! :-( :'-(

We got our shower and tub and they are so tiny! We did not upgrade the master bath, as we had separate shower and tub as a "standard", the next upgrade was titled-in shower and tub for $2000. So we thought we could live without tile as long as we have a good tub. So I got the jetted tub which was a $1000 upgrade.
It is partly our mistake, we should have checked the size before going with the standard option. I mean yeah I got the jets, but I can't stretch my legs. My husband will have to stand straight in the shower, as his elbows will bang against the wall and the door! Oh, and don't even get me started on the quality of the shower and the tub, it was cheap.... it was cracked and chipped around the corners. I mean for a manor price tag, one would thing the "standard" would be at least better than the things in the apartment homes. But one would be wrong!
Our apartment has a TWO bigger tubs than what we are getting in our so-called Manor Home!

We were so very upset last night that we met our SR at the model home and asked him to walk with us to our site and voiced our concerns about the tub...he understood that we felt strongly about it and offered to check  if they'll let us make any changes at this time. But he did warn us that the upgrade will cost more than $2000 now and he wasn't even sure if they'll let us do it at all. I think I already know what he's gonna come back with.....

And of course, he said it was an "easily fix" if we want to get it done afterwards...We were so pissed at that suggestion. I mean we are building a new house...and we are given a list to renovation projects for later! I guess we'll just have to decide what we can live with, the tiny bathroom or the price tag (if an upgrade is possible).

The thing we learned yesterday was - They always say their "standards" are pretty good size, shape or quality, still ask for a sample before blinding going with it, specially for things that really matter to you. Their standards can sometimes be pretty cheap. If we had seen this tub before we would have definitely gone for the upgrade. We were told that the standard would be pretty close to the one in the model. Trust me, it not "close" in any sense! The models are misleading. Making an informed decision would have saved us this disappointment and $$.

If you are a new buyer, who's really particular about a good master bath and did not make your selections yet, go for the upgraded master bath!

We were so depressed that I didn't even feeling like taking a picture of that tub! :-(


  1. So sorry to hear the disappointing news!! Maybe they will surprise you and be able to upgrade it for you. Hey, it'd be more money for Ryan right?? I hope you feel better - your home is going to be absolutely beautiful!!

  2. first of all they are making so much progress on your house! these guys move so fast, it's amazing! second of all, i am so sorry to hear about your master bath! hopefully your SR will come back with good news.

  3. Im crossing my fingers for good news for your bath we had the same problems my hubby is 6 foot 5 and he cant fit in any tubs we had to go to a specialty store and buy one. But your home is coming along rather quickly it looks fantastic so far!

  4. That's a bummer! I didn't look at my tub very well but go look at my blog and go one post back and see if it's the same as what you have. My master bath seemed tiny too...but they are all standard size and the same as the model so I guess I can't complain. We did go with the top upgrade which has tile and a glass shower so maybe that will make it look bigger....but we'll see.

  5. I'm sorry about your bathroom, it is so hard to see what is standard since the models have everything. You can always talk to your SR's boss if they can't fix it for you. Last minute changes are called Red Flags so let them know you are considering finding a builder who can offer you a bigger tub and see if they change their tune. Good luck.

  6. Yeah, we are just kicking ourselves that we should have taken that upgrade. Its just that, at that point everything we touched was an upgrade so we really picked the ones that were absolutely necessary. And I upgraded the tub too. Just dint see the size being this big of an issue!

    The thing that bothers me the most is that, this time my husband was also very upset! Usually I'm the picky one and he is "okay" with everything. He helps me get over things like this. But now we both are so disappointed, and that makes me very unhappy!

  7. I'm afraid we will be feeling this exact same way. We did not upgrade either.... I will be curious to see if they can do anything at this point! Good luck!!

  8. So sorry you guys are not happy with your bathroom...hoping something can be done that will make you happy! (And won't cost you lots of $$$). Your house really is looking good. :)

  9. Our "spa" tub was a HUGE disappointment for me too. We did upgrade our master bathroom but the tub was the same size with either option. I can't stretch out and I'm not even that tall! We moved in last summer and that tub still p*isses me off. I shouldn't have to tear something out of my brand new house to be happy!

  10. I'm so sorry to hear about your tub. We struggled with a lot of our choices too. We just didn't have an unlimited budget and had to find compromise. Although kitchens and baths are the key areas for resale, we just couldn't afford to do what we wanted in both. So we put our money in the kitchen and the areas we would spend most of our time in. One thing we noticed was even the top of the line tile, tubs, etc were still sorta cheap. So we thought, why spend top dollar for bottom shelf stuff? So we are going to save our pennies, skip Starbucks a couple times a week and build the Master Retreat we want. Hope things work out. I agree some of the excuses I've heard have taken me from annoyed to furious in 5 seconds flat. Sometimes RH employees would be better to say nothing at all.

  11. Bring up the survey if they aren't able to accommodate your request. Apparently that is like kryptonite to Superman, silver to werewolves, a crucifix to vampires. An implied lowball score may just stop them in their tracks. Good luck-- I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  12. Wow S&P the house is looking so nice. I'm so sorry to hear about the disappointing bathroom. I hope they end up switching it out for you. BTW - I really like the way the back wall looks on the inside and it's so neat to see the can lighting.

  13. Thank you all for your comments! Sharing things with you guys make me feel better! :-)

    So got a message from our SR to day, he just said he'll call tomorrow and he also said he got answers for all our questions..... Interesting!!