Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Meeting with NVR LO and a surprise call from Rite Rug

As suggested by many of our bloggers friends we shopped around and took few GFEs from other lenders and met with our LO @ NVR today. We told her how we feel about their rates, closing cost and ridiculously high loan origination fees. Based on the GFEs we took, she saw that their quotes were pretty high.
Yes, it would definitely be convenient for us to work with NVR as we've already gone thru the approval process, paperwork etc etc., but frankly, if we get a better rate with somebody else, we'd obviously go through all that again, and she gets that! Overall, she seemed very attentive today and  thanked us for initiating this talk with her. She said she'll take all this info to her manager and see what they can offer.
Not that I'm counting too much on a big change or anything , but I'm glad that we had this talk with her.

ALSO, Rite rug called.... Turns out the hardwood we chose is no longer available! So they've asked us to come back and pick another one. They said there's a very similar option (similar to what we picked) but they didn't want to change it without our consent. Of course they shouldn't! I was just surprised that they thought they could...Also, they have a new line of hardwood options that we can pick from. So tomorrow we have a rite rug appointment...again!


  1. Good luck with the interest rate hunt. We locked our rates in today, and I am less than thrilled with what we got. But we did a little digging, and NVR was right in line with everyone else. It's always surprising to me how fees and things differ from region to region. Someone else blogged what some of the NVR fees were going to be, and ours were certainly less. Wonder why that is? Let us know how it turns out! Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    Oh, and enjoy picking out a new floor. That was a fun appointment...:)

  2. Enjoy the rug appointment those are always fun and keep your options open with the loan hunting it took us over a year to find the right lender!

  3. glad the meeting with the LO went well...

    i hope you get the color hardwood you want !

  4. Thanks all.... I'm hoping the rates will fall back at least a little bit in next 3-4 weeks!

    I can't wait to check out the floor options, Yep the Rite Rug appointment is fun. But I really liked the floor we had picked up, that was one thing that we didnt second guess! oh well, we'll see what else is there....

  5. S, you convinced me to join the blogging community...