Monday, June 10, 2013

Catching up.....

Hello All,

Hope you all had a great weekend. We were in Knoxville this weekend for hubby dear's league (tennis) was a very tiring weekend but it was so much fun watching him play and cheering for him and his team. We got back around 8PM last night but we still drove by the house to check on it and we did see some progress and a lot of trash lying around. Yup!!! coke cans everywhere, water bodies (thanks to the rain) and of course muddy floors! I heard a lot of you mention the coke cans etc before so I'm not gonna worry about it, but we are definitely gonna tell our SR and PM about this stuff on our weekly call, just so they know....

Although it was really late and it was getting dark, I took some decent pictures. But guess what??? I smashed my phone today morning! :-( :'-( Yes, the screen looks like it was involved in a train wreck! My husband said its gonna be a easy fix... I will post the pictures in a couple of days....

Now here is something fun we heard over the weekend, my colleague who is building a Lincolnshire, right across the street from us has started blogging! :-) So it'll be fun watching their progress. Also, another blogger, who's building a Lincolnshire in NC, found us online. YAY!!! Its great to know Lincolnshires are catching up!!!:-) more thing I forgot to mention.....So the Rite Rug appointment we had went well, I guess. To recap, they said they did not have (for whatever reason) the hardwood floor we chose, so we went to look at more options. SWe were shown a new line of choices, one of which was solid wood, close to the color of our choice, but is was 2 1/4in as opposed to our 3 1/4 in  and of course 3 1/4in of this solid wood option was an upgrade! There were some other options, with 15yr warranty as opposed to our 25 years warranty. So after a lot of discussion we asked them to check if they can bump us to the upgraded option as they can't provide with what we originally chose or find us something better.... Guess what? We got a call back in the evening saying that "our stock was found" and we don't have to make any changes!! I'm happy about the fact that we'll get what we chose as we really loved it but we are also very skeptical about this whole thing.... you know what I mean? Oh well, we'll see.....

I did not get a chance to keep up with our blogging friends over the weekend, So I guess I will be catching up with all of you today. Happy Monday all!


  1. Glad you got your original floor choice but it does sound odd. We were told that they buy it and set it aside once you make your choices. I have read alot of negative comments about Rite Rug,maybe RH should find a new company.

  2. Im glad your selection was found changes at the last minute suck Im still selecting granite and I cant seem to make a choice! And look on the bright side this is a fantastic excuse to buy a brand new phone!

  3. Glad they found your original flooring choices. It was darned hard enough finding what we wanted the first time around, can't imagine needing to go back and pick something else. Good news and welcome back.

  4. How fun that you will already know someone in your neighborhood!
    It is funny how they miraculously found your flooring! At least you didn't have to end up paying more or settling for something different!

  5. There were a lot of coke cans and water bottles on our lot. Infact when they were framing we saw a beat up microwave !

  6. I will be watching my flooring very closely....